A team of dedicated customer service professionals will oversee the management and booking of your Disney FL Vacation Rentals. In today’s competitive climate we know that being a “hands on” team is imperative to the success of Kissimmee Rental Property Management. Together with you we will work as a team to maximize your investment potential.
Taking care of your Disney Florida Vacation Rentals will be our number one priority!
As a homeowner in our Kissimmee Vacation Property Management program there are a number of expenses that you may encounter. For instance:

Monthly management fee:

  • Disney Vacation Rentals Management services include: licensing, gold key property management will ensure compliance with the laws and regulations of the state of Florida.
  • Management oversight, your Vacation Rentals will be inspected on a regular basis by management staff who oversee the housekeeping and outside maintenance crew.
Owner booking fee:
Applies to:

  • Each reservation made for your Vacation Rentals by you.
Cleaning fees:
Charged each time a guest departs:

  • Upon check out your home will be thoroughly cleaned, and prepared for the next arrival.
  • Spring/fall cleaning $tbd Charged once/twice per year
  • To be determined based on your homes size and needs.
  • Required twice a year if the home is more than 70% occupied.
Pool cleaning:
Service to include:

  • Weekly cleaning service.
  • Includes all necessary chemicals.
  • Cleaning of the pool filter.
  • Pool deck cleaning.
Lawn care:
Service to include:

  • Weekly mowing, edging and cutting of grass during the summer.
  • Bi weekly during the winter.
Interior pest control:

  • Monthly service.
  • Florida's climate makes pest control a must.
Exterior pest control:

  • Bi monthly service.
  • Outside pest control is also a necessity of the climate.
  • Termite control is also recommended, once a year you should have your home treated , this is an
    insurance requirement.
Annual charges:
Approximate depending on size of yard and house:

  • Pressure washing of the pool deck and screen.
  • Mulch landscaped areas.
  • Carpet cleaning.
  • Fire extinguisher renewal.
Gold Key set up fee:<

  • This fee is to cover the administrative time of setting up all of your account.
License set up fees:

  • Annual hotel license
  • Occupational license